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What's this in English? 初一上Go for it.学的。

1 This company won a profit of 10 million last year. 2 They met with an accident on the way back. 4 I wonder if you could give me some advice.

让我点燃你的激情—英文翻译 Let me light up your passion。 让我点燃你— Let me light you。

1、Gold是现在众多追求有机消费潮流者中的一员。 主句为“Gold is one of a growing number of shoppers", 其后的 "buying into the organic trend"修饰主句中的shoppers。 2.遍布英国的各大超市更依靠像他这样的人来发展他们的有机食品事业。

1.Picture and sound effects 2.I prefer to watch movies at home alone

1.How do you go to school?

This was her first week in this kindergarten. Since she was not familiar with the environment, while her parents were also not with her, she was always crying. The teacher tried hugging and comforting her, but it did not work a...

为你解答。 1、took part in 2、am ready to 3、in the open air

考研英语阅读把句子分解 1.This does not mean that ambition is at an end 2.This does not mean that people no longer feel its stirrings and promptings 3.This means that ambition no longer openly honored, is less openly profes...

1. I firmly believe that as long as you work hard, there must be a good result. 2. The two simple words, is the truth. 3. These activities made me in an unfamiliar world, widening my knowledge scope, so I could contact that no ...

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