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1 This company won a profit of 10 million last year. 2 They met with an accident on the way back. 4 I wonder if you could give me some advice.

What's this in English? 初一上Go for it.学的。

我们为你做得更好 we make it better for you 我们让你变得更好 We make you better 我们是为了你的更好,这句怎么都觉得不怎么对 我们是为了你好,we make it for your advantage

1.How do you go to school?

让我点燃你的激情—英文翻译 Let me light up your passion。 让我点燃你— Let me light you。

1 he is considered the best teacher in our school. 2 before you make a decision, please think it over。3. I bought this watch at a low price. 4 I'll call you as soon as I get there, 5. He died in an earthquake.

1 where are your products? 2 which aspect of your product is used? 望采纳

客户正紧紧地盯着我们呢? breath down one's neck 紧跟着, 紧盯着


翻译: I am glade to be here, i am from the 14th middle school, i am 15 years old now,and as the only child in my family,my parents love me very much. 希望我的回答对您有帮助,祝好! 祝您学习进步! 如果不懂建议重新提问,也可以直...

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