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1.John is a teacher from the UK.2.I am a Japanese student.

Premier Zhou Enlai works for the people all his life. Please allow me to introduce Mr Brown to you ~

1.This is a classic song, I like it very much. 2.As you know, this song is the winner of Oscar's Best Music Award and the theme song of "The Lion King".

无论你是否和我在一起都不重要,我们手牵着手,而且我也不愿放开 讽刺的是想念本身正在吞噬着我,我不得不直面这残酷的社会

My English teacher about 40 years old, middling stature. She gave me the first impression is a serious teacher, when she came on the first lesson of time, I think, the term of the English class must be conscientious to learn, o...

Very pleased to receive your invitation I will participate in on time. I'm sure it would be a very pleasant meeting.

36. The ants that come to our picnics are doing their job. 我们野炊的地方,蚂蚁们正在忙碌的工作. 37. According to this passage the black ants’ job is to clean up the grass. 根据这段文章,黑蚂蚁的工作是将草地上的食物清运. 38. ...

地球是天体家族中的一份子,也是我们的太阳系的一分子,与太阳系同时产生、紧密相关。 在过去的50年间,这种定量分析已经使得我们对我们行星系的了解产生更大的帮助,使得(我们对行星系的了解)远超人类历史上早前的任何时期。

他的驾驶者踩了敏感的压力制动器'蘑菇状' 摇动液压控制的齿轮箱到倒车档位,然后向我们驶来。 就是踩刹车,挂倒档,让我们驶来的意思

1. 后面吧台有餐巾纸的,祝你有个好心情,谢谢! Paper napkins are behind the counter. Have a nice day, thank you! 2. 你好,星享卡(会员卡)有吗?帮你积分 Hello, do you have a VIP card? I have help you accumulate scores. 3.拿铁买一...

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