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1.John is a teacher from the UK.2.I am a Japanese student.

Very pleased to receive your invitation I will participate in on time. I'm sure it would be a very pleasant meeting.

你这个英文应该也是其他语言的原文用机器翻译过来的,所以根本不通顺。 因为没有原文,我看你就不要在意语法细节啥的,理解下意思就OK了~~

August 这样的月份称法只用在公历,即格利高里历法中,当年罗马帝国对原有历法修订后才有对应十二个月份的名称。 而农历在某些年份会因为闰月而出现不止十二个月,所以公历的月份称法不适用于此。 例句中正确的说法应该是:the 15th day of the ...

Tomorrow (August 6th) 9:00-11:00 am meeting room in the company 2 floor conference room held an emergency meeting, the contents of the important, the Department Manager must attend, not absent. And please at 5 pm today to confi...

1.The President came under attack from all sides for his inability to tackle the country's severe social problems. 这名总统由于无力解决国家严峻的社会问题而饱受各方抨击。 come under attack - 受到抨击、受到打击 2.The second part ...

地球是天体家族中的一份子,也是我们的太阳系的一分子,与太阳系同时产生、紧密相关。 在过去的50年间,这种定量分析已经使得我们对我们行星系的了解产生更大的帮助,使得(我们对行星系的了解)远超人类历史上早前的任何时期。


83:他们将在这块新的区域建设一个图书馆。 84:我们用木材来制造很多东西,例如家具。

Your Fee will be paid to you on a monthly basis in arrears into a bank account nominated by you. Please confirm your account details at the end of this letter before returning.你的费用将按月支付给你的一个银行帐户,由你指定的帐...

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