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跪求john mAyEr%% thE hEArt oF liFE 这首歌的吉他...

"Who Says" - John Mayer CAPO on 1st fret/ NO CAPOD G Who says I can’t get stoned?Em ATurn off the lights and the telephoneBm EMe and my house aloneG A DWho says I can’t get stoned?D GWho says I can’t be free?Em AFrom all of the...

的心疼痛全地面 爱使整个事情围绕 没有它不会都去的方式,应 但我知道生活的核心是好的 你知道,这是什么新 坏消息从来没有好时机

歌曲名:The Heart Of Life 歌手:John Mayer 专辑:Continuum John Mayer - The Heart Of Life I hate to see you cry Lying there in that position There's things you need to hear So turn off your tears And listen Pain throws your heart ...

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