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求哪位大师帮忙翻译几个英语句子吧 Thesteroradioisnowastandardfeature.Ifwateriscoldenough,itchangestoice.Thereisno...

1.On the other hand, making telephone calls is much faster, so they are more appropriate when you need a quick reply. 另一方面,打电话非常快捷方便,因此当你需要一个快速的回复他们是很容易做到的. 2.Some of the best letters are writ...

衡量生命的不是你呼吸的次数,而是多少次你摒止呼吸的那个感动时刻。 如果你身体很好,继续保持。如果不好,就改善你的身体状况。如果你没有能力改善就寻求帮助。 整个人生中,唯一的终身伴侣是你自己,活就应该活得精彩。

看见句子,首先理清句子成分,先要找到句子的主语和谓语,剩下的就好办了 ,主语可能有修饰它的词或句子,宾语也是这样,另外除去时间状语、地点状语,可能复杂的还有主语或宾语的同位语。

who 指这个 patient,可以译成:他,她,该病人,这个病人 等。 一天,我接收到一个病人,他102岁。 who 是定语从句的关系词。


1. Last August ,our class didsomething very special on our school trip . 2. Everyone in our class tooka bag with some food and water . 3. After three hours,someone looked at the map and found out we weren’t anywhere near the to...

第一个句子是对的。还有:The phenomenon of ~ has been brought into focus/The problem of~has been in the limelight.

当然是走过15个街区。 翻译: 如果我知道我们将要从影院到餐馆走15个街区的话,我当时就该穿更舒服的鞋子了。 (意思是走太远,鞋子不舒服,很累)

All the sentences are pretty Chinese mindset, try to fine tune the meaning in English mode. 1st: Did you follow up to make appointment with the lady who the sister suggested you last week? 2nd: If possible that Mum will give yo...

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