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I don't talk, just quietly watching you pack B

1. It will bring smore profits and expand the market, and also it will promote the brand awareness and enhance the scale of brand 2. The salary of employee and the higher cost of travel activities will be a burden for acompany ...

低挫厘觜座400胆圷議恢瞳低壓喨周傍公厘5%議孵諏頁壓恢瞳貧嬉孵珊頁委孵諏曜指厘議paypal嬲薩塵姉 hey there, i wanna purchase 400 dollars worth of product. you've mentioned in the mail that you can give me 5% discount, is i...

1. We love peace, and we were in the fight against terrorism. 2.SARS give people a good lesson, so to keep the environment clean is everyone's responsibility. 3.1999 In June, a world-famous chess master in the computer lost the...


Why do you enter my tribe? Forget everything you saw. Sorry, it's hard for us to understand each other, but we understand what you said now. The words are from online translation and I understand that. I hope that you choose to...

垓い侭からいらっしゃってお藤れさまでした。 酷圭たちは「っても措いです。

We are the sons of the gods, no one can compete with them. Under the scorching sun of hope, iron will, no fear, for we prove we started writing his own fate.

麟邦才系創宥狛和邦祇電竃 carry away 祥頁揮恠 哂囂簡怏吭房曳熟痩試 廣吭悶氏 壓音揖囂鞘嶄俶勣延晒 waste頁兆簡 系創 社優汽簡頁俵吭房 厘貧僥議扮昨短宸古廷 徽頁waste議簡來祥頁兆簡才強簡 挫饕屍佩糧欖 強簡蛍vt才vi

(1) Today is very special with your presence. Thank you. (2) Your presence makes today a very special day. Thank you.

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