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略加了点内容,供参考: I wish I could find someone like you, Someone who is as fresh as the mountain breeze, Caressing my skin with all the tenderness and coolness, Yet warm like winter sunlight, Illuminating the light fog that...


Trunks and branches provide wood for us, so we can make many things with wood. For example, lots of furniture were made of wood.

English is popular all over the world.

.............................. The tailor makes the man 2. Now more and more children early entrance 3 tourism creates many job opportunities, promote the economic development of .4. whenever you say; " I love you " please genu...


贵司日前在我司订购了一批无纺布,我司已全部安排发出,现将此次订货的明细整理如下 We ordered the expensive department after a number of non-woven fabric, we have been arranged, will now the order detail arrangement is as follows

你可能 已经知道8.15,有大量的爆炸在天津 这可能会影响一些材料和部件的供应 天津是金属、钢铁等化学物质的主要交易中心 因此,我们会 向所有的供应商要求进行紧急调查,以反馈调查 从这场灾难的影响和对策计划。 因此,请 完整的调查表(附件1...

Communicate with the production and marketing information, promote the sales of products to create brand personality, increase the value of the product to reduce the cost of marketing. 已翻译


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