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略加了点内容,供参考: I wish I could find someone like you, Someone who is as fresh as the mountain breeze, Caressing my skin with all the tenderness and coolness, Yet warm like winter sunlight, Illuminating the light fog that...


what of growing up we fear extremely is that we may become the person we despised before. 长大成人这件事最恐怖的地方之一在于,你或许会变成自己曾经最看不起的那种人。 【经典分手告白】: 1. maybe i don't deserve you.也许我真的配不...


她决定试着去做一个课后阅读项目的志愿者。 你可以要求医院让你去看这些孩子并让他们振作起来。 马里奥想信它能帮他得到未来他梦寐以求的工作。 她志愿在这里一个星期去帮助那些孩子阅读。 我做了一些招牌放在学校周围。

Communicate with the production and marketing information, promote the sales of products to create brand personality, increase the value of the product to reduce the cost of marketing. 已翻译



Good morning/ afternoon / evening, welcome to ( 店名) Sir / Madam, it's (多少钱)dollar Excuse me , anything else you need. Receive (多少钱) Here is your balance Thank you , see you next round.

贵司日前在我司订购了一批无纺布,我司已全部安排发出,现将此次订货的明细整理如下 We ordered the expensive department after a number of non-woven fabric, we have been arranged, will now the order detail arrangement is as follows

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