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略加了点内容,供参考: I wish I could find someone like you, Someone who is as fresh as the mountain breeze, Caressing my skin with all the tenderness and coolness, Yet warm like winter sunlight, Illuminating the light fog that...

The cargo(goods) will be delivered tomorrow. 用delivere,指送达

1.On the other hand, making telephone calls is much faster, so they are more appropriate when you need a quick reply. 另一方面,打电话非常快捷方便,因此当你需要一个快速的回复他们是很容易做到的. 2.Some of the best letters are writ...


Communicate with the production and marketing information, promote the sales of products to create brand personality, increase the value of the product to reduce the cost of marketing. 已翻译

时间再也回不去了。我很怀念那些曾经爱过我的人。如今只剩下我一人独行。未来的日子我该怎样去面对。不知道上天是否还对我眷恋。 Time goes by without coming back anymore.I miss all those who have had loved me . However, I was left walk...

If I had seen the same world as you saw,if I had passed the same way as you passed,maybe I would be closer to you.

Hello ,I want to ask if Mr.Liu is here Sorry ,he is not here! Can you tell me his phone number? Ok,his phone number is 35634238

Good morning/ afternoon / evening, welcome to ( 店名) Sir / Madam, it's (多少钱)dollar Excuse me , anything else you need. Receive (多少钱) Here is your balance Thank you , see you next round.


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