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一首英文歌 开始是oh my FriEnD 很有节奏感的 男生...

buy their own ship in the Planky

here with you

You Love Me - Kelly Clarkson Thick Skin, Soft Touch, Heart Of Gold But It's Na-Na-Na-Not Enough, Forgiving Arms, The Higher Road, Working Hard But It's Na-Na-Na-Not Enough, You Say, i'm Not Good Enough, i'm Not Good Enough But ...

应该是 here with you吧

Asher Book - To all my friends 对我所有好友来讲 The night is young 夜未央 The music's loud 乐未殇 They playing our song 他们在我们喜爱的歌声里欢畅 Nowhere else that I belong Than here with you我只想和你在此相伴,不想去任何其他...

试试看是不是这一首。here with you

here with you

here with you 绝对是这个。

歌手:radiohead 专辑:the bends. Rows of houses all bearing down on me I can feel their blue hands touching me All these things into position All these things we'll one day swallow whole And fade out again and fade out This mac...

here with you

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