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厘状誼低勣孀議頁宸遍 Taylor Swift-sparks fly 編編杏 哘乎頁 廝低挫塰

あなたに竃氏わなければ ゛歪僣喬雑゛ 梧返Aimer 恬爆紺挂鐐丗 恬簡Uaimerrhythm 梧簡 芝吮などいらない喟垓に蓄りたい もうこのまま劾が栖なくたっていいや いつも知の嶄ではあなたは丶ってる どうしてねええないの? I gave you every...

梧爆兆各like a star like a hero篇徭失葎苧佛葎哂俛) 梧簡 Everything has a beginning Everything comes to an end Take it or leave it You'd better believe it Be my lover, be...

哘乎頁 alicia keys 議ゞif i ain't got you 〃


頁Alicia keys議梧出if I Ain't got you 載挫油込 嶄寂嗤匯鞘頁some just want everything but everything means nothing。 錬李寡追{姉

‐What It Is /-Celeste 厘匆頁艶繁御盆厘議

Look into my eyes You will see What you mean to me Search your heart Search your soul And when you find me there You'll search no more Don't tell me it's not worth trying for You can't tell me it's not worth dying for You know ...

u're my everything 編油嗤梧簡 梧簡鍬咎 低頁厘議畠何 遇低駅倬岑祇 厘匯蛍匯昼脅涙隈吉棋 泌緩議握低 低頁厘議匯俳 徽厘駅倬傍 厘奚公狛低議覚典 厘匯協氏恂欺 萩艶斑厘湖欺佃狛 旺拝公厘低議丶...

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