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1.I don't care what a car looks like as long as it gets me from A to B. 我倒不在乎汽车的样子,只要能把我从一处载到另一处就行了. 2.Would you do me a favor? 你能帮我一个忙吗? 1.Australia is an English speaking nation. 澳大利亚是一...

1. The ideal S(a)is called the saturation of a with respect to S. 理想S(a)称作a关于S的饱和化。 2. We call -a the additive inverse of a. 我们称-a为a的加性逆元素。 3. A subset S of a ring A is a subring of A. 环a的子集S叫作a的...

We are students。 我们是学生

元音字母a e o u i 之前用an 比如 an id-card (当u发you这个音的时候 之前用a :a UFO),其他用a 比如 a pen

1 We have learnt a great deal from this activity. 2 There is a great deal of water on the floor. 3 Since then I have heard a great deal about that writer. 4 A great deal of time has been wasted on this project.

1.There is a thin son and a fat mother in the train. 2.There is a yong woman laughing and an old woman smiling in the plane. 3.Listening to a doctor , the actor is taking a taxi. 4.The sun is bigger than the moon.

你好。科学造句用英语是:He decided to study science.(他决定研究科学。) ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

Hi that's the money you won. Wow,that's a lot! 嘿,这是你中的五百万。 哇,这么多

应该是I want to live in... because... .可以造句:1. I want to live in Paris because it is a city of romance. 我想住在巴黎因为它是浪漫之都。2. I want to live in Japan because it is a country of longevity. 我想住在日本因为它是长...

I am going to plan a new year party for new year 我将要为新年计划一场新年party

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