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look at (the) [英][luk æt][美][lʊk æt] 看; 审视; 评判; 接受; 例句 1.In case you think I was incautious, take a look at the map. 如果你认为我不够仔细,就自己看看地图。 2.Now it's time for our regular look at the...

It is really cute. 它很可爱。 It is white and black. 它是黑白相间的。

第一,下次打字的时候,词与词之间要分开, 第二,look at ...看……的意思 第三,the是定冠词,the monkey猴子, 第四,看那只猴子。 请采纳。

一年级英语吗? balloon 其他年级,要看情境了


加不加均可,根据语意 比如:Please look at the book. 不加s You should look at the disciplines. 加s 希望能给你带来帮助

monkey,猴子,是可数名词 monkeys,表示几只猴子或者一些猴子,数量大于1 look at the monkey 看这只猴子(monkey是单数,强调一只) look at the monkeys 看这些猴子(monkey是复数,具体数量未知,但肯定是两只或以上)

The Sun is the star of our solar system. The Earth and other matter (including other planets, asteroids, meteoroids, comets and dust) orbit the Sun, which by itself accounts for more than 99% of the solar system's mass. Energy ...

你好! look at the children.看看孩子们。

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