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走进英国 英语怎么说!快

walk to England

go into the english

走进英国。 英文: 1) Going into England. 2) Understanding England.

Into the United States


Into Britain

1.介绍你学习生活的英语作文 Hey Tom: i m now studing in english Cambridge college. We have less lessons compare to high school life, but the pressure didnt decrease, because lessons are much harder than before, and there are onl...

小故事:Object 走进英国:Walk into England 英国的历史:England includes Britain(England, the private of wei er and Scotland>with north Ireland is an European common body is one of 12 member's countries.Its all calling is Britain a...

Welcome to walk into the family as the subject inquiry learning activities

Dear Mr. Smith, Hope this finds you well. I am writing to inform my request for lodging in Britain. First of all, the house or flat should be big enough and comfortable for living. It would be better if it is located in downtow...

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